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Paintball Safety!

Safety is #1
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We reserve the right to refuse anyone service without a refund if we deem that their manner of play is dangerous to others or themselves!

Safety is paramount at Wild World Paintball!

Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards.
  • To provide the best customer experience possible.
  • To  promote safety and fun paintball gameplay.

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(so you can have the parents sign it and bring it with you! READ the Rules and Read the Waiver.)

Safety Rules

1. Goggles on at all times while on the playing field this is for your safety. A paintball to the eye is a serious injury and we do not want anybody to get hurt. The consequences are as follows*:

  1. 1st time. Pulled from the game with a warning
  2. 2nd time. Must sit a game
  3. 3rd time. You will be asked to refrain from playing for the rest of the day

*Or what ever the Referee deems appropriate.

2. Barrel Plugs/Covers on at all times outside of the playing field to prevent accidents and possible injury. If you feel like you need to remove you're plug or cover, please go to the chronograph range or closest field with your goggles. This includes squeeging a barrel. Ask a ref if you need help. The same consequences apply from the goggles with barrel plugs.

3. Do not shoot at the highway, shoot over the netting, or shoot your marker outside the netting. A car or motorcycle being hit by a paintball could cause a serious accident. Please use common sense. You will be asked to leave if you intentionally break this rule.

4. No Bunkering or shooting a player that is within ten feet. Bunkering can ruin someone's day and warp his or her opinion on paintball. Ask the player to surrender and if they choose not to surrender please try to shoot them in the shoe or on their pack if they are wearing one. If you bunker a player without asking to surrender you will be asked to sit a game. There is absolutely no reason for bunkering during Recreational play days.

5. All markers are required to be Chronographed before play Markers must be chronographed under 285 FPS. We recommend you chronograph multiple times during the day. Temperature can affect CO2 greatly. Refs do not have hand held chrono’s so please keep up with your speed. Players will chrono on to fields several times a day.

6. Please do not over shoot players! One shot in enough. You will be asked to sit games if you do not follow this rule.

7. No blind firing. Blind firing is when you stick you're marker around a corner and shoot without looking. This is not safe. You most likely wont hit anything and if you do it will probably be a ref or an eliminated player walking off the field. Refs and eliminated players don't enjoy getting shot.We will ask you not to do this and if it becomes a problem we will take appropriate measures to curtail such actions.

Field Rules

1. You Must Have Fun! Paintball is supposed to be fun and safe. If you aren't having a good time go tell a ref and he will do his best to fix any problems that would prevent you from having fun.

2. Field Paint Only We ask that you buy our paintballs for safety and quality control reasons. Our paint is most likely cheaper, fresher, and better than paint that would be ordered online or bought at a retail store. If you have problems with our paint we can do something about it.

3. No swearing Swearing is just uncalled for. We want our facility to be a family friendly place. Please watch your language!

4. No alcohol on the premises. Paintball and alcohol don't mix.

5. Please do not smoke in the staging area It is perfectly all right if you smoke. We just ask you to do it by our dumpster, in the parking lot, or some where away from any crowds. You may be asked for an I.D. to prove you are of legal age to smoke.

6. Please do not pick up paint off the ground Paintballs that hit the ground absorb moisture and swell in size. They WILL jam your marker. You wont be playing much when the ref is trying to fix your gun.

7. Stay out of the top stories in the town Yes, they were a lot of fun to play in, back in the day, but due to wear and tear they are no longer safe to use. Sorry. (Besides a new town coming soon)

8. Please wait outside and off the ramp for CO2 and Nitro fills The ramp is the only way in and out of our building. Refs and staff heavily use it. It would do us a very large favor if you waited outside and off the ramp when getting CO2.

Game Rules

1. Eliminations are a quarter size mark of paint anywhere on player, player's gun, player's mask or anything the player is holding.

2. If a play is hit in an area where he cannot tell he may call for a paint check and a ref will check him.

3. A player may call a paint check on another player if he is reasonably sure that the player has been hit and marked. If paint checks are called excessively or needlessly, the Referee may eliminate the player making the call. When calling a paint check on another player, you cannot move on that player but may continue to fire. Whenever you feel you have hit another player, call out to him to "CHECK YOURSELF PLEASE."

4. Upon elimination, the player will exit the field immediately in silence with hand above head and barrel plug in.

5. No wiping of hits or playing-on after being hit. If this occurs the player will be eliminated and asked to sit the next game.

6. No altering bunkers or picking up bunkers and running with them.

7. Watch the out of bounds ropes. The boundary is a rope about 6 to 7 feet above the ground. You will be asked to immediately get back in bounds. If the player makes an aggressive move going far out of bounds, he will be eliminated.

8. No full auto or burst modes on markers. We do not require locks on the modes though. Full-auto and burst modes can be very dangerous if neglected.

9. At the beginning of each game players on each team will start behind the same bunker and will not leave until the ref blows a whistle or says, "Go! Go! Go!"

10. No dead man walking or pretending to be dead. Players don't see it coming and it’s not fair at all. Players who break this rule will sit games.


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