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Speedball / X-Ball
The main field is now the only Regulation X-Ball grass field in the area with BRAND NEW X-Ball Bunkers!!! We have a NEW Speedball field right next to the registration shack making it the most exciting for spectators!  20' netting makes it safe, and lighting is on the way to make it fun in the evenings!

The Tire Field is simply that, a bunch of tires. Be sure to watch all the angles and move often! This is a popular field.

The Town
The town is just about the size of a football field. Both sides have the same amount of distance between starting points and buildings. Be careful not to get ambushed from people in the woods.

Vietnam is our medium woods field. It has tons of bunkers and even more trees to hide behind. We don't recommend to go Rambo style and crawl through the middle. It tends to be on the muddy side!

We are now using the smaller heavily wooded triangular field out beyond Vietnam for extended Airsoft play, or for Woodsballers wanting a tough new challenge.  This field can be played as-is, or combined with Fort Wild for a "Capture the Fort" challenge, or add in Vietnam for an all-out, three-field, Woodsball War! THERE IS NO BETTER WOODSBALL IN NW ARKANSAS!

We have reopened York Town and be ready for all woods play nothing but trees, brush, and trenches. Make sure you have a big group for this one!

We have a brand new field for you to try your skills on.  This one is wide open with low cover.  Lots of angles and "run and gun" shooting opportunities.  You MUST try this one for fast and furious challenges.

Do you have an idea for a paintball field? We would love to get your input and ideas! Just email us and let us know what you're thinking!


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